Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Acquiring the Habits of Highly Successful Students (Part 2)

Acquiring the Habits of Highly Successful Students

                                  Part 2

If are we to succeed in life, we must hone our learning skills.

1- The first step in this direction is to sincerely point out the driving force or motivation. Let’s relax, and start listing the reasons that impel you to study some topic, as crude as they may be. It’s possible that your list is empty. Don’t worry, it only means that you have not identified any reason to study the chosen and very specific point (It’s for sure that you are an excellent learner in other areas of life.) If you don’t have any motivation to study, then give me the list of reasons why you don’t want to study, and please note that this list cannot be empty. Weather you found a huge list of driving forces or a list of step comprises at least one item (a positive or negative driving force)

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